Greta Gurnaitė

Greta endeavours to meticulously pacify the anxieties of disorder by harnessing the beauty of symmetry and harmonising them to create an abstract and balanced equilibrium.


Personal history

Greta Gurnaite uses art as a means of self-expression. After years of experimentation, she discovered ‘abstract perfectionism’ a style to reach the minds and hearts of others. Each line, colour and brush stroke have been placed intentionally, to trigger emotions and touch those experiencing it.  Beliefs are stronger than reality – every person’s subconscious can trigger different emotions when looking at the same painting. Nonetheless, it rarely happens that one is unresponsive to her art.

Greta’s inspiration often comes from music. Her creative process can be described as a ritual in which she transforms sounds into visual, sensual representations. She encapsulates the emotions experienced in the moment, converting them into vivid graphic representations on canvas.

Her latest collection ‘’Black Edition’’ was born rather unexpectedly. In her creative exploration, she ruined one of her bigger canvases. Filled with disappointment and fury, she started covering the canvas with black paint when suddenly, new ideas and inspiration emerged. What started as a seemingly unsuccessful painting turned into one of her best works, and shed a light on the direction of the creations that followed.

Take a journey to her collection and be prepared to be moved…

Examples of work

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